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Tacit assonances versione inglese

Bad, dirty, true.

Cold, wise, unexpected.

What you thought you understood, will not be real. Nothing is as you imagine, everything is controversial and hypothetical. Twists and turns, spirits without arms and legs, motorcycles as weapons, and purifying fire.

If you thought you were reading a romance novel, you'll soon regret it, because the flaw in the apparent splendor will appear more and more overbearingly until you get stuck in an intensely paced reading with an unimaginable ending. So enjoy the female protagonists, the soul of the narrative, and the unknown town on the heath on the outskirts of London, knowing that this will be only the first of a series of episodes whose heart rotates precisely in the bizarre events that take place there. Any advice for the suggestible, avoid those places even in fantasy, you will not sleep the same sleep.

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